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Дениз Фриман (9 альбомов, 87 репродукций)

DENISE FREEMAN - это мило, красиво, симпатично, приятно. Это не шедеврально, ИМХО, но зато точно позитивно и с очевидной любовью к природе, к жизни - с желанием увидеть и передать прекрасное, радостное... В галерее представлено несколько авторских альбомов: кошки в цветах, собаки, лошади, коллибри, морская тема, фоны с бабочками.
Альбом Curious Cats

Альбом Furs'n Flowers

Альбом Best Friends

Альбом Running Wild

Альбом Celtic Garden

Альбом Hummingbirds

Альбом Butterfly Squares

Альбом Seashell Squares

Альбом Butterfly Dance (фоны!)

Encouraged at an early age by her mother, watercolorist Josephine Deavenport, Denise Freeman has been a professional artist for over twenty years. She received her B.F.A. degree from San Diego State university in 1986 where she studied painting, drawing, and printmaking.

Denise supported herself through college by developing a small company devoted to making hand-printed silkscreen art cards that received broad distribution.

Denise's work ranges from small botanical drawings to full-sized scenic wall murals. She loves to use bright colors and nature as her source of inspiration. She has had her children's illustration published by Illumination Arts in Seattle, Washington.

Currently, Denise's choice of media is gouache on watercolor paper. She often uses airbrush for backgrounds and softer touches to her artwork. She is as proficient in acrylic, oil, and watercolor as she is in gouache and airbrush.

Denise enjoys hiking the local woods to gather ideas and to become inspired by her surroundings. She often sits and watches her subjects so she can incorporate their personalities into her work. Her subjects include birds, cats, butterflies, flowers, and exotic floral and fauna. In addition to painting, she loves gardening, writing songs and playing the guitar.

Denise and her husband live in New Hampshire with their two children. The household also includes three adoring cats - Marble, Sophie, and Jasper - "who absolutely love everything I paint." We do as well, which is one reason why Porterfield's has gained representation of this wonderful artist.

Porterfield's Fine Art Licensing recommends the artist's work for stationery and paper goods, prints and wall decor, home decor and furnishings, home fabrics of all types, and any products that require bright, bold, colorful and intensely decorative works of beauty.

For more information please call Lance J. Klass, President of Porterfield's Fine Art Licensing, at (800) 660-8345 , or email Porterfield's: art@porterfieldsfineart.com.

Also, see our blog on the Business of Art Licensing at www.art-licensing.biz and Art & Licensing News, both brought to you by Porterfield's Fine Art Licensing.
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